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Since 1964, Hobby Express has offered quality products supported by outstanding service to our friends and customers. Our realtionships and our dedication to finding and selling the very best airplane, helicopters, and boats has been the key to our success in the past, and will continue to be our focus in the future. We remain committed to bringing you products with the legendary Hobby Express quality. We appreciate your business and welcome your suggestions and ideas about how we can continue to offer you the best stuff in the business.

The Owner

Hobby Express CEO Mark ClevelandOver the course of 43 years, the Hobby Express team has earned their reputation for developing and selling "the best stuff" to the RC hobby community. We are the people you rely on for solid advice, a fair price and technical (sometimes emotional) support after the sale.

As the new owner of Hobby Express, I'm often asked, "what is it about this business that made you want to buy it?" The answer has a lot to do with the P-51 Mustang my younger brother Kurt got for his birthday. We each had several control line airplanes at the time, but THIS one flew great - it was THE BOMB! We flew for countless hours in our empty grade school playground. We would spin in tight circles, then fight over who got to fly last before the fuel ran out. When the dizziness wore off, we were excited to rebuild our planes (when we crashed it was always Kurt's fault – but I don't think he remembers it that way). We dreamed about cutting the strings and flying free with radio control. Our dad was a private pilot and he loved the radio control stuff too. But like many of you, they just cost too much at that time, so we never did get one.

I followed the controls with my father on countless take-offs and landings. He flew N9755W, a Piper Cherokee 160. I will always remember that amazing dialog between dad and the tower. He wanted us to love the experience of flight. When it was my turn to sit in the co-pilot seat, and on the rare occasion it was a sunny blue sky in Oregon, he would say, "take the yoke" and for a brief period of time, I was the pilot of "November, Nine, Seven, Five, Five, Whisky". Later, dad got his IFR rating and he stepped up to a T-tail, turbo charged, oxygen equipped Piper Lance with variable pitch propeller - a stallion that flew my family to Disneyland. Fast-forward to this moment and it all makes sense...

Watching some of our customers fly, I'm amazed at how smooth and effortless these pilots make every maneuver look. I know, with the support of Hobby Express and some practice, I can do that too. I can't wait!

Our products are made all over the world, but it's still important to support your local hobby shop and to buy on the web from American companies like Hobby Express – doing business with people you can count on.

Mark A. Cleveland