eRC produces high quality electric aircraft and accessories that pilots love.
Telemasters are an icon. They are used for training, UAVs, aerial photography, and just plain fun. Nothing flies like a Telemaster.
Pilot-1 makes the finest golden age scale aircraft on the market. These works of art are pleasing both to look at and to fly.
No time to build? These Ready-to-Fly models come with everything you need to get in the air fast.
Electric airplanes for first time R/C pilots. These airplanes require very little assembly and come as complete outfits.
Beginner Trainer RC Airplanes are model planes for first-time RC pilots. These airplanes require very little assembly, are great for beginners, and come complete with radio, electronic equipment, battery and charger. You simply put the parts together, add AA batteries to the radio, charge the flight battery, and go fly! Almost no assembly is required.
ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) model aircraft get you in the air quickly. ARFs require some assembly, but it is not difficult.
ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly)
ARF Almost-Ready-To-Fly remote control RC airplanes. ARF models are mostly pre-built. They do require some assembly and fine-tuning, but it is very easy to do. Leave the building to us and let one of our ARFs get you in the air quickly. Many ARFs include everything needed to fly except for a transmitter and receiver, which is perfect for pilots who already have radio equipment.
Jets are all the rage! The speed is intoxicating and maneuver in ways never imagined!
EDF Jets
EDF Jets are electric ducted fan powered R/C jet planes. These aircraft are typically military scale or semi-scale models. A ducted fan is an impeller rotor inside of a duct unit, and it pulls air in, creating thrust.
From WWI to today's jet age, these warbirds are sure to thrill as you reenact sorties or just want to buzz the field.
RC Warbird Airplanes
RC Warbirds are military model aircraft from various wars and various countries. Hobby Express sells pre-WW1 planes, WW1 and WW2 aircraft, Korea and Vietnam-era fighter planes, and modern day airplanes and fighter jets. We have models of the B-25, P-51, P-47, Corsair, FW-190, BF-109, F4F, Spitfire, Albatros, Mig-15, F-86, F-35, F-16, F-4, A-10 and more.
Soar with the birds with these sailplanes. Models from Gaupner, Multiplex, and ParkZone.
RC Sailplanes
RC Sailplanes can be either motorized sailplanes or non-motorized gliders. Sailplanes with a motor and prop fly just like an airplane, where the sailplane is taken up to alititude on its own. Gliders are either handlaunched, bungee launched, or winch launched, and land when they run out of sky. Sailplanes and gliders can also be flown on the updraft of a slope or dam.
Big boys play with big toys. If you are serious about the hobby and are ready to impress others at the field, you've gotta go big.
Giant Scale RC Airplanes
Giant Scale RC Airplanes are radio controlled model aircraft with a wingspan of 84" or larger. These aircraft require stronger motors, batteries, servos, etc. because of their size, and are a little harder to transport, but in general, larger planes are easier to fly than smaller ones. Giant scale planes are more conducive to carrying video cameras or other payload.
Aerobatic and 3D Electric R/C Airplanes. Fast electric radio controlled models with ailerons for mild to wild aerobatic maneuvers.
Aerobatic & 3D Airplanes
Aerobatic and 3D radio controlled model airplanes. These aircraft will perform every aerobatic maneuver known like loops, rolls, Cuban 8s, Immelmanns, and more. The 3D airplanes will hover, do tail touches and torque rolls, and even fly backwards with the right propeller. Fulfill your need for wild aerobatics with Hobby Express' Aerobatic & 3D R/C airplanes.
When one wing is just not enough, these sport and scale bi-planes are just the thing.
RC Biplanes
RC Biplanes are multi-wing aircraft that tend to be stable and fly slower than conventional models due to their extra wing area. Many of these models are scale aircraft. A biplane can take off in a shorter distance than conventional wing planes because of the extra lift supplied by 2 wings. Struts between the wings are usually functional and provide support.
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Radio Control Airplanes, from beginner's RTF models to jets to giant scale planes, Hobby Express has your R/C airplane, with spare parts and tech support.