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Great flying Balsawood R/C Airplane Kits that take several hours to assemble. Most are easy-to-build and include laser-cut parts.
Balsa RC Airplane Kits
Balsa RC airplane kits are model aircraft that you build from parts. Typically a balsa airplane kit is a box of wood where the wing ribs and other parts are laser cut, and wing leading and trailing edges are pre-shaped. You still have to sand and shape some parts, but it is not hard to do. These are perfect winter projects when it is too cold or windy to fly outside.
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New Hobby Express Product!
Miss 2 Balsa Laser Cut Build Kit
Miss 2 Balsa Laser Cut Build Kit
Product# ERC6000
Our Price: $139.99
New Hobby Express Product!
Miss 2 Balsa Laser Cut Build Kit COMBO
Modern Simplicity - Classic Kit Design - Combo Convenience
Product# ERC6500
Our Price: $204.99
SIG Four-Star 20EP
Building on the 20-year reputation of the original Four-Star line
Product# SIGRC106
Our Price: $86.99
SIG Four-Star 40 KIT
We think you'll agree that the new and improved Four-Star 40 exceeds expectations.
Product# SIGRC44
Our Price: $110.99
Telemaster Kits
Micro-Telemaster Kit V2
A quick and easy to build all laser cut precision kit---perfect for the novice builder as well as the experienced modeler
Product# TEL1100
Our Price: $49.99
Mini Telemaster Kit V2
Fun to build and great fun to fly---a great first kit
Product# TEL1200
Our Price: $89.99
Aileron Wing Kit for Mini Telemaster, Laser Cut
So you want to do aerobatics with your Mini Tele---here you go
Product# TEL12003
Retail: 59.99
Our Price: $49.99
Telemaster 40 Kit V2
A big leap forward in Telemaster 40 kits
Product# TEL1450
Retail: $199.99
Our Price: $149.99
Deluxe Telemaster 40 Kit
All laser cut Deluxe kit for a great building experience and perfect results
Product# TEL1400
Retail: $249.99
Our Price: $199.99
Telemaster Float Kit
Float kit for Telemaster 40 or Senior Telemaster
Product# TEL1425
Retail: $149.99
Our Price: $99.00
Wing Kit for Deluxe Telemaster 40 Kit Laser Cut
All laser cut replacement wing kit for Telemaster Deluxe
Product# TEL14003
Our Price: $99.00
Senior Telemaster Laser Cut Kit
Senior Telemaster Kit V2 - Laser cut perfection
Product# TEL1600
Our Price: $249.99
12 ft. Telemaster Laser Cut Kit
A Revolution in Kit Building
Product# TEL1800
Our Price: $899.99
Other Kits
Plans/Short Kits
Plans and Ribs for Scratch Built Telemaster 40
Plans and Ribs for Scratch Built Telemaster 40
Product# TEL1499
Our Price: $49.99
Old Plans for 12 Foot Telemaster
Old Plans - 12 Foot Telemaster
Product# HLA112P
Our Price: $69.90