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Accessories for Batteries and Battery Packs. Connectors of all types, hookup wire, balancers, analyzers, heat shrink tubes, solder, and more.
Use these arming plugs to safely arm your aircraft.
Secure your electrical connections with heat shrink tubing. Exposed wires are a big no-no (unless you want to watch your plane crash).
All types of connectors for battery packs, from micro connectors for slowflyers, to large bullet connectors for 70 amps current and higher.
Balancers keep your LiPo packs in balance for longer service life. Analyzers measure Amps, Volts, Watts, and other data.
Battery Fuel Meters check the amount of "gas in your tank" by showing you how much charge is in your battery pack.
Charging Lithium Polymer batteries just got a lot safer. Every modeler needs a LipoSack to reduce the effects of a LiPo Uh-Oh.