Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions About My Order:
Q: What is Hobby Express' Return Policy?
To view our return policy, visit the Policies & Shipping Information Page.
Q: What steps do I follow to return a product?
Fill out the Product Return Form, or send an email to Write in the quantity, stock number, description and the reason for the return. If you are returning a DEFECTIVE item, please provide a detailed description of the product defect. All other merchandise returned must be in new, resaleable condition. Please note that non-defective merchandise returned may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

If you wish to exchange the returned product for another product, list the quantity, stock number, description and price of the additional products in the space provided. Be sure to tell us how you'd like to pay for any additional charges, if there is a difference in price. When an order that earned a discount or used a promotional coupon is returned, the remaining balance is reviewed. If the order no longer qualifies for the discount, it will be subject to a chargeback to your account. If you wish to order more items, include the handling and shipping fee for your location. Send the package to us at Hobby Express 5614 Franklin Pike Circle, Brentwood, TN 37027. For your own protection, we advise that you insure your package but note that we do not reimburse for insurance or return shipping.
Q: My product is defective right out of the box. What should I do?
If you have a product that is defective right out of the box, it can usually be repaired or replaced at no charge. HOWEVER some manufacturers insist on dealing directly with you in these situations. Please see your product manual, check our Support Page, or call our customer service representatives at (866) 512-1444 to find out if your product is one of these.
Q: My product has been damaged in shipping. What should I do?
In order to get proper credit, merchandise that is damaged as a result of shipping should never be returned without calling us first. It is very important to save ALL packing materials and paperwork, as well as the damaged product. Call us at (866) 512-1444 and we'll give you further instructions. A representative of the shipping company must see the packaging and pick up the product.
Q: What if a pre-assembled piece was incorrectly assembled at the factory?
Just contact one of our staff at (866) 512-1444, or send an email to and we will gladly get you a corrected part.
Q: Why isn't Hobby Express taking backorders anymore?
Effective October 22, 2011 Hobby Express will no longer accept orders on out of stock products. We're doing this in response to feedback from our customers. The "notify me" feature will help keep you notified when an item is available so you can make better buying decisions and the feature will also help you know exactly when the item they want will be shipped and charged.
Q: I already have some things on backorder with Hobby Express. What happens to those items? Are they cancelled?
We know this is a time of transition and that there are many of our customers who have backorders for hard-to-get items. That's why on January 22, all remaining backorders will be cancelled and you'll be notified. If you paid via PayPal, we'll be issuing a refund to you.
Q: When will my credit card be charged and for what amount?
As always, your card is only charged for the items that are shippable, plus freight and any handling. Except for special order items that require payment in advance, your credit card is not charged until we ship product to you.
Q: How does the "NOTIFY ME" feature work?
It's easy! Just go to the page on the website where the item you want is located and click the "notify me" button. Simply type in your email address and click "Sumbit" and we'll send you an email to you the moment the item becomes available.
Q: I don't have the Internet! How can I use the new "NOTIFY ME" feature?
Just give us a call at (866) 933-5972. We'll do all the work for you to get you signed up and add you to the list. If you don't have an email address, we'll help you get one or put you on our call list.
Q: How does the "NOTIFY ME" feature benefit me?
"First, you'll know exactly when the item you want is in stock and ready to be ordered. No more waiting or having to watch ETAs.

Secondly, you'll know exactly when the item you want is shipping to you, so that you can watch for the delivery.

Finally, you'll know exactly when your credit or debit card is going to be charged and the amount. No more surprises when an item is shipped from your backorder list! "
Q: I have more questions, who can I call?
Give Jason Cole or any of our sales team a call (866) 512-1444); we're happy to help explain the new program to you. We're confident that you'll enjoy the benefits of this new feature.
Q: I love the new feature! I want to cancel all my backorders so I can use the new "NOTIFY ME" feature—how do I do that?
It's easy - just give us a call or email us and we'll make the change for you. Don't know what you have on backorder? We'll be happy to give you a list of your outstanding items. (Please allow us 48 hours to fulfill your request for a backorder list).

Airplane Specific Questions:
Q: How do I reverse the servos on my Micro Stik?
Q: My Micro Stik prop won't stay on. What do I do?
A small drop of thin CA will secure it to the prop shaft
Q: How do I replace the control board on my Micro Stik?
Q: I purchased a J-5 Piper cub and the nut on the screw for the propeller fell off.
Use Part Number: HLRE410
Q: My J-5's lower strut mount popped off during flight. How do I fix it?
A little 5min epoxy will secure it to the fuse.
Q: How do I connect the wiring in my B-25?
The B-25 has multiple connections in the wiring harness. The wing to fuse connections are color coded, The receiver connections are labeled by function.
Q: What replacement servos do I need for my B-25?
The retract servos are 120° clockwise rotation 9gram servos. The rest of the plane uses 90° clockwise 8 or 9 gram servos.
Q: What's a replacement motor for the 75MM Fan in my A-10?
ERCD281535 works great.
Q: I'm missing my spare Waco prop. how do I get one?
The new version only comes with one prop. It is a scale prop consisting of four plastic parts and two screws. The replacement unit is ESM1115.
Q: My Senior Telemaster has a gap between the wings. How do I fix it?
Sometimes a bit of glue will ooze into the joiner box in the wing. Check if there is any debris in the slot. You may want to taper off the corners on the joiner slightly to clear the glue joint.
Q: Can I convert my Sr. Telemaster to a tricycle gear?
Yes, it's actually a very easy swap. You will need a steerable nose gear assembly to mount to the firewall. The main gear can simply be relocated back to about 1.5" behind the C.G.
Q: My 400 size J-3 cub is unstable. What could be wrong?
Check and verify that the C.G. is 42 to 48mm from the leading edge of the wing.
Q: How do I secure the prop assembly to my Dago Red/VooDoo?
You will need to rough up the motor shaft with some sand paper and use loctite to secure the collet to the shaft.
Q: How do I make the elevators work on my 80mm F-86?
The extra elevator servo will connect to an open/available channel on your receiver. That channel will then need to be mixed to the elevator channel. You will need to refer to your Transmitter instructions for the mixing procedure for your specific transmitter. This will allow you to reverse one of the servos to get the proper motion.
Q: My wires don't match the instructions in my Eurofighter. What do I do?
The left/right Aileron servos will need to be connected one at a time to verify which is which. Vector1 and 2 are the same way.
Q: How long do I charge the battery for my wing dragon with the supplied charger?
If the battery is dead, it will take 2.5 hrs. to fully charge.
Q: What is the part number for the Eurofighter canard control horns?
Q: How do I program my F-18?
You can read about in our F-18 Manual PDF.
Q: How do I add flaps to the Thunderbolt P-47?
You will need part# ESM1037 for the mounts and hardware. You may use two regular sub micro servos, Two reversed, or a regular and reversed servo. The mounts can be turned to use any combination. If you use two servos with the same rotation you will need to move the control horn slightly to one side of the indention in the control surface.
Q: Can I run an electric set up in a Control line plane?
Yes, you will need a timer for the ESC. The timer will stop the motor to allow you to land.
Q: Are the F-18 EDF Jet thrust vector nozzles supposed to point slightly outboard and also the hardware kit comes with 2 swivel ball links that are black in colour and attached to a flat square piece of plastic, there is also 1 swivel ball link connector.  Do you know what these items are for as they are not mentioned in the instructions?
The vector nozzles have indentions on the tops and sides that indicate the neutral position. You need to mechanically and electronically adjust the linkages so that they are neutral. The 2 swivel balls and links are just extra spare parts in case you ever need them.

Helicopter Specific Questions:
Q: How do I replace my Micro Twister Pro balance bar?
There are two small pins that hold the balance bar to the rotor head. They are secured by a small drop of CA.
Q: I can't get the rudder to trim out on my twister heli, what do I do?
The 4in1 controller has an adjustment on it called "proportional." This can be adjusted with the unit powered off.(battery unplugged) When the battery is reconnected the center point of the rudder trim will change. It may take a couple of tries to get it to adjust out.

Radio System Questions:
Q: Where is the pairing button on my E-scale receiver?
The button is located between the antenna exit holes. You will need a toothpick or small screwdriver to press the button.
Q: How do I bind my transmitter and receiver?
Refer to your transmitters instructions for binding. Check the webpage for your transmitter.
Q: Speed controller program card, what's the procedure?
Set the jumpers on the card to the desired settings. Connect the Esc's receiver wire to the program card. Connect the main flight battery to the esc. If the esc has a switch, turn it on. At this time if you have an opto controller you will need to supply a 4.8v power source for the card. You will hear a beep if you have a motor connected to the esc. After the beep, disconnect the battery(s) and connect the esc back to the receiver.
Q: I get no motor run with my Futaba Transmitter. What's wrong?
First make sure that the throttle channel is reversed. If still no motor run, lower the end points to 95%.

Flight Accessory Questions:
Q: How do I mount my ERC motor in my Alfa plane?
The motor will have to be recessed in the firewall to get the proper spacing to fit the cowl. The X mount will be flush with the rear of the firewall.
Q: I have a dead cell in my lipo battery. What do I do?
If your battery has a cell in it that is below 3v, it will need to be replaced.
Q: How do I series connect my batteries?
A series connection will increase voltage not capacity. The batteries will need to be the same capacity and discharge rating for a series connection.
Q: Do I have to run the listed prop for my motor?
The props listed are max for the listed voltage. If you increase voltage, you will need to decrease prop diameter.
Q: How many parts are required for an AeroNaut folding prop?
Aeronaut folding props are modular units. You will need four components to complete. All parts will begin with HLAN 1- Propshaft adapter 2- Midpart 3- Prop blades 4- Spinner
Q: What should I do when one of the wires in my receiver plugs comes loose?
The wire can be re-inserted into the connector. Unplug it from the receiver and push the wire back in the center slot. It should click and stay in. There is a plastic tab that holds it in place.
Q: How do I use litespan?
Litespan has no pre-applied adhesive. You must use Balsa-Loc on the balsa frame before the covering can be applied.
Q: How do I cover a plane?
Covering is an art… Don't be surprised if you have trouble your first few attempts. Pick a point, tack it down. Move across the surface working from one end to the other. Wrinkels can be shrunk out after the covering on. Curves and edges can be tricky, take your time and it will work out.
Q: What is the max power for your scale props?
The scale props (SMP prefix) are limited to 600 watts.
Q: I think I have a bad servo. How can I tell?
Servos should be proportional in both directions. If you have a servo that chatters or jumps around, it will need to be replaced. If you have a different servo, connect it to the wir to verify that the receiver is functioning properly.
Q: Will the flycam series of cameras work with my Mac?
Yes, the camera is a USB storage device. It will work fine.
Q: Do you sell a flight sim for a Mac?
At this time we do not sell a Mac compatible flight sim.
Q: Will my old servos work with the new 2.4 radio systems?
If your servos have a three wire connector with the red (hot) in the middle, They will work fine.
Q: How do I connect all of these components?
This diagram shows the layout of the components in a basic electric setup.
Q: How do I wire an external BEC?
External BEC's are connected in parallel to the speed controller and connect to the receiver.
Q: How do I reverse the direction of my brushless motor?
Swap any two of the three wires going into the motor from the ESC and it will reverse the rotation.
Q: How do I apply water transfer decals?
Cut out the decal, with the paper, and soak the paper for about ten seconds in water. Then you put the decal, face down (you are looking at the paper, not the decal) on the surface. Press it down for about ten seconds, then SLIDE THE PAPER OFF.
Q: Freewing ESC programming instructions
Q: Replacement impellers
Q: Servo Slow Down Module - I purchased two NF-SD2 servo slow down module 4 to 7 V.  I installed one as directed on a standard servo and it works fine.  However when I insalled the other on a micro retract servo(waypoint w-150MRS) operating mini robart retracts the module did not slow the running time up or down it only delayed deployment.  All connection were correct.  Can you advise.  I have tried this on two retract servos with no success in slowing the run time.
The slowdown unit only works on fully proportional servos. Retract servos are two position, not proportional. If you replace the retract servo it will work.

Boat Specific Questions:
Q: How do I determine Boat prop rotations, L and R?
Look at the prop from the motor's perspective. If it turns clockwise, it's R. If it turns Counter-clockwise, it's L.