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Aeronaut Folding Props for Electric Flight

These props were designed by Rudi Freudenthaler. The blade shapes are efficient. They fold promptly.
The Middleparts are small and do not produce wind resistance. Design your folding prop for electric
flight using components:
A. Select Middlepart Yoke long enough so that the prop will fold fully.
B. Select the Spinner size that is recommended for the Middlepart.
C. Select the Prop Shaft Adapter that will fit your motor shaft. Balance the prop.
D. Select the Blade size.

Most often used in Sailplane applications, these props are designed to fold back when not spinning allowing for improved aerodynamics.
Items [1]

A. "Middlepart" (aluminum yoke with screws, dimension given is center to center of blade screws)

B. Spinners, white nylon

C. Prop Shaft Adapter

D. Select Blade size

12x6.5 CAM Carbon Fiber Blades
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Product# HLAN3446
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