Big boys play with big toys. If you are serious about the hobby and are ready to impress others at the field, you've gotta go big.
Giant Scale RC Airplanes
Giant Scale RC Airplanes are radio controlled model aircraft with a wingspan of 84" or larger. These aircraft require stronger motors, batteries, servos, etc. because of their size, and are a little harder to transport, but in general, larger planes are easier to fly than smaller ones. Giant scale planes are more conducive to carrying video cameras or other payload.
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Pilot-1 27% Scale Stinson 108 ARF Red/Cream (OVERSIZE)
Leaves Warehouse in 1-3 Business Days
Product# PLT4108R
Retail: $1,208.99
Our Price: $929.99
Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 1/4 Scale ARF (OVERSIZE)
Leaves in 1-3 Business Days
Product# PLT4930
Retail: $1,208.99
Our Price: $929.99