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Epoxy, CA (Cyanoacrylate), foam-safe, wood, canopy, and other glues and adhesives. Glues from Hobby Lobby's own brand, Beli, Devcon, Zap, UHU, Pattex, and Titebond for any application.
A must have for building or repairing any R/C craft.
Hobby Lobby now offers you the best in glues and accelerators. Get your R/C modeling project done right!

These are popular German glues that are hard to find in the USA. UHU makes excellent glues and adhesives.
CA Glue Accelerator instantly cures CA glue. Makes slower curing CA glues set quickly. Use with any viscosity CA glue.
When resin meets hardener, the amine groups react with the epoxide groups to form a covalent bond... in other words, it glues GOOD.
Great for helicopters, thread locker is used for securing metal parts (usually screws) to other metal parts.
Other brand Glues and Adhesives for gluing and sealing your model airplanes, helicopters, boats, ships, and cars.