We Price Match...

Potential customers call us and ask about price matching. Our experienced customers know how important it is to do business with a stable, quality supplier and we want you to have exactly that experience with us. We attempt to match any legitimate, US competitor’s retail price. If you find a product we carry priced lower than we are advertising, and the source is a quality business with a real store front, we are happy to match that price on exactly the same product. At times, a low budget component of the package makes a low "combo" option attractive, but that compromise in quality is simply not our gig – we’re not likely to have that budget part in our inventory. We thank you in advance for allowing us to discuss options with you and help you make the smartest purchase possible!

JHobby Express reserves the right to advise you to purchase from our competitor, because we all want our money to go farther these days, and there are some times that a spectacular price on blowout items some competitors want to liquidate are too good to be true! If you call about another company’s price, please have the price, company name and shipping details ready so that we can check it out together! We are about competitive prices and rock solid service.

We do not consider our network of Dealers a "competitor" and we will not price match against them. Please use our Dealer Locator to see if your local hobby shop is part of this network. We encourage you to support your local hobby shop.

This offer does not apply to auction-based websites or closeout pricing, and cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer, and is not retro-active.

We cannot price match websites outside of the USA.

Competitors prices must be in US dollars.