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Everything PineCar from kits, to decals and accessories and weights, we've got you covered for all your racing needs.
Need some help building a great racer? Choose from a variety of learning aids that are full of information, easy-to-follow instructions and loads of tips and techniques to help you build the best looking, fastest racing PineCar Racer® on the track!
Pre-cut axle slots give every one a fair chance to compete. Choose from a wide selection of basic racer bodies and all inclusive kits.
Gear up for a cool look with the hottest color Paints, trendy Decals, Body Skins® and Custom Body Details!
Engineer your winning PineCar racer with performance-tested, quality speed tools, lubricants and weights.
From tools and glue fully tested for performance to quality accessories, you can count on PineCar to help you build a winning racer.
Wheels and Axles for Pinewood Derby Cars