These propellers are for small to medium sized electric motors only. Don't let us catch you using these on a glow engine.
We have a wide selection of the best electric propellers to propel your plane to new heights. We carry AeroNaut, APC, and props.
For electric motors or nitro engines from .25 to 2.40.
Ground adjustable variable pitch 4 blade propellers for electric, glow and gas powered aircraft.
Pusher Propellers push rather than pull and airplane through the air, and are generally mounted behind a wing.
Most often used in Sailplane applications, these props are designed to fold back when not spinning allowing for improved aerodynamics.
Scale Adjustable Pitch Props are ground-adjustable variable pitch props that come in 2, 3, 4, and 5-blade configurations.
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Propeller Set (4); X-Fly
Product# RGRA1160
Our Price: $4.99

Rigid 2-blade, 3-blade, 4-blade, and 5-blade propellers, and 2 to 3 blade folding props for R/C aircraft. Props from AeroNaut, APC, and more.