Radio Systems in 2.4 GHz and 72 MHz, from top brands like Spektrum, Hitec, JR, and more. We sell basic 2-channel radios up to 9-channel computer systems.
5 Channel Radio Systems for sport flying from Spektrum, Hitec, JR, and other brands. Get yours with or without servos.
6 Channel Radio Systems for more complex airplanes and helicopters. 2.4 GHz & 72 MHz radios from Spektrum, JR, and Hitec.
7 Channel Radio Systems for advanced airplanes and helicopters. Spektrum DX7, Hitec Aurora 9, and JR 11X & 12X transmitters.
Spektrum radio systems use the latest in 2.4GHz technology for a secure link and have features not found on other systems.
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2.4GHz Transmitter; X-Fly
Product# RGRA1165
Our Price: $16.99