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So you have a plane and need the stuff to make it work? This is the place to find all the electronics you need to transfer your thoughts to your fingers to the aircraft. You'll find everything from complete transmitter systems to servos to extension leads. Now get that project finished.
Radio Systems in 2.4 GHz and 72 MHz, from top brands like Spektrum, Hitec, JR, and more. We sell basic 2-channel radios up to 9-channel computer systems.
2.4 GHz and 72 MHz Receivers for radio transmitters, from top brands like Spektrum, Hitec and JR. Available in 2-channel up to 9-channel configurations.
Digital and Analog Servos from eRC, Spektrum, Hitec, JR, and other brands in sizes ranging from tiny micros to larger high speed and high torque units.
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These gyros will keep you on track. Used for controlling the tail rotor on helicopters or to keep the wings level on an airplane.
Servo extension cables in various lengths, safety clips for servo connections, Y-harnesses, receiver battery packs, digital servo programmers, and more!