When one wing is just not enough, these sport and scale bi-planes are just the thing.
RC Biplanes
RC Biplanes are multi-wing aircraft that tend to be stable and fly slower than conventional models due to their extra wing area. Many of these models are scale aircraft. A biplane can take off in a shorter distance than conventional wing planes because of the extra lift supplied by 2 wings. Struts between the wings are usually functional and provide support.
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55" Tiger Moth Kit
Product# EWTM-02A
Our Price: $89.99
UMX™ Pitts S-1S BNF Basic
From beginner to expert, it's an easy, fun fly!
Product# EFLU5250
Our Price: $124.99
UMX™ PT-17 BNF with AS3X® Technology
The E-flite UMX PT-17 BNF is a scale model of the vintage biplane featuring four-channel control and AS3X technology for rock-solid handling. The authenticity of its distinct outline is complimented by the dummy radial engine and colorful scheme.
Product# EFLU3080
Our Price: $99.99
Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 1/8 Scale ARF
Golden Age biplane - great looks, easy to fly
Product# PLT8930
Our Price: $179.99
UMX Beast 3D BNF Basic
Seize the UMX Beast 3D, Equipped with AS3X, and Control the Air
Product# EFLU4850
Our Price: $139.99