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RC Cars, monster trucks, race trucks, rock crawlers, sprint cars, and other ground-pounding vehicles from Losi, Traxxas, Associated, HPI, and more.
Check out these1/16th scale cars and trucks that are perfectly sized for indoor or outdoor racing fun with your friends.
1/16th Scale Vehicles
1/16th Scale R/C cars and trucks for on or off road use. You can race them, jump them, chase dogs and cats with them, or just drive them around. Many body styles are available in 2WD and 4WD versions, and many models are highly detailed. Because of their small size, these are great for taking on vacation or for a run on your lunch hour.
Enjoy on-road racing with speed, agility, and sideways drifting.
Rally RC Cars
R/C Rally Cars, cross between drift cars and touring cars, are purposely built for racing in a point-to-point format. Battery powered, 4wd on-road racing, swerving in and out of intervals and obstacles. Attractive scale detail, from the grill to the back tires.
These low-to-the ground R/C cars are fast and ready to race in any open road or parking lot.
Touring RC Cars
Touring RC Cars are realistic, with bodies like you would see driving on the highway. They are 4WD and are for on-road use only. Electric touring cars can go as fast as 40 mph and nitro powered ones can go up to 55 mph. Most touring cars have scale details like brake rotors and calipers, detailed grills, and windshield wipers.
Today's RC Buggies are highly sophisticated vehicles. Find one suit your off-road style!
RC Buggies
Today's RC Buggies are highly sophisticated vehicles. Find one suit your off-road style! Made to be drvien off-road but rugged enough to hanndle most any terrain.
Whether you need an A arm, spur gear, or just some screws, we have the parts you need for Traxxas, Losi, HPI, and more.
RC Car Accessories
Accessories for Radio Control R/C Cars and Trucks. RC Car accessories available are tool sets, motors, battery packs, chargers, rock-crawling obstacle track pieces, charger adapters, fast-fill nitro fuel bottles, and much more. Get the accessories and upgrades you need to get you racing and winning!