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RC Helicopters, from micro indoor helis that can deliver sugar cubes to your coffee cup, to wildly aerobatic 3D machines that will blow your mind.
Developed by R/C Helicopter experts and made to live up to your expectations, Blade is the number 1 brand in helicopters.
Beginners RC Helicopters are assembled, ready-to-fly, and complete with Radio, Battery, Charger, and more.
Beginners RC Helicopters
Beginners R/C Helicopters are easier to fly and more forgiving helicopters for beginners to learn how to fly with. They are usually twin rotor co-axial models that cancel out the torque effects for you, so you don't have to worry about controlling the tail while you are learning how to fly. These helicopters require very little to no assembly, and are complete outfits.
Not quite ready for inverted hovering but you do like harassing your pets with your co-axial heli? It's time for the next step.
Intermediate RC Helicopters
Intermediate Radio Control Helicopters are a bit more advanced than beginner helicopters and require 4-channel or more radios, where you control the tail independently along with right, left, and throttle. Intermediate RC helicopters are great training for when you are ready to move up a fully collective pitch model helicopter.
Helicopters for more experienced RC heli pilots. These extreme helicopters deliver the ultimate in collective pitch performance.
Advanced RC Helicopters
Advanced Radio Control Helicopters are the next step up when you've become comfortable flying intermediate collective pitch machines. These helicopters can go all out and do wildly extreme 3D aerobatics. These models use helicopter-specific transmitters that are set-up and programmed for your specific heli.
No time to build? These Ready-to-Fly models come with everything you need to get in the air fast.
RTF (Ready-To-Fly)
RTF Ready-To-Fly RC Helicopters are model helis for first-time RC pilots. These helicopters are assembled, factory tested, and ready-to-fly. These models are complete outfits with radio, battery, charger and more - everything you need to start flying. They are perfect for teaching beginners how to fly. Charge the flight battery, put AA cells in the transmitter, and go fly!
Beginner's Co-Axial R/C Helicopters for first-time R/C pilots. Fully built, painted, and test-flown RC helis - NO experience needed.
Co-Axial RC Helicopters
Co-Axial RC Helicopters are made for beginners to learn how to fly helicopters. The co-axial twin main rotor design cancels the torque effect encounted with more traditional RC helicopters, letting the beginning pilot concentrate on the throttle, right and left, and not having to worry about the tail also. Once you master co-axial, you can move up to a 4 channel heli.