It's all about having fun, and there is nothing more fun than doing a 50 mph low fly-by with your very own scale electric jet (except maybe a 60 mph fly-by). The RC hobby has come a long way since 1963 when Hobby Lobby (now Hobby Express) first began sharing the fun and we plan on continuing to provide the best RC planes, RC Helicopters, RC Boats, and RC Cars for years to come.
Radio Control Airplanes, from beginner's RTF models to jets to giant scale planes, Hobby Express has your R/C airplane, with spare parts and tech support.
RC Helicopters, from micro indoor helis that can deliver sugar cubes to your coffee cup, to wildly aerobatic 3D machines that will blow your mind.
A selection of value priced Multi Rotor aircraft and parts for Quads, Hexa, or Octo copters. From motors to ESC's to Lights to props, we've got you covered for all your multi rotor helicopter needs.
These realistic RC Flight Simulators will teach you to fly an RC airplane or helicopter. By flying with a simulator, your skills will increase quickly.