These realistic RC Flight Simulators will teach you to fly an RC airplane or helicopter. By flying with a simulator, your skills will increase quickly.
There is nothing more convenient than learning to fly in the comfort of your home. It's the best way to hone your R/C skills.
Phoenix RC Simulator
Phoenix RC Flight Simulators are realistic flight sims that will teach you how to fly an RC airplane, without the expense of crashing the real thing while you learn. Phoenix is available in a version with a real RC transmitter, or in a version where you use your own transmitter. Phoenix has over 100 beautifully modeled and realistic aircraft (including autogyros).
Expansion Packs, patch cords and interface adaptors for Phoenix and RealFlight RC Flight Simulators.
RC Simulator Accessories
R/C Flight Simulator Accessories and Upgrades for the RealFlight and Phoenix Simulators. Add new airplanes, helicopters and flying sites to your simulator with Expansion Packs. Upgrade your sims version to the latast version with upgrade software. Adapters are also available to adapt your real R/C transmitter for use with your simulator.