No time to build? These Ready-to-Fly models come with everything you need to get in the air fast.
RTF (Ready-To-Fly)
RTF Ready-To-Fly R/C Aiplanes are model aircraft for first-time R/C pilots, or experienced enthusiasts looking for a no-hassle box-to-sky experience. These airplanes require very little assembly, are great for beginners, and come complete with radio, receiver, motor, prop, speed control, servos, battery and charger - everything you need to start flying. Almost no assembly required!
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4553 Wild Sky RC Airplane RTF (RNR)
For outdoor use in low wind conditions.
Product# ESTA4553
Our Price: $39.99
Apprentice S 15e RTF with SAFE Technology
SAFE™ technology is a revolutionary leap forward in flight control and training.
Product# EFL3100
Our Price: $279.00
Conscendo™ S RTF
Everything you need to fly RC today
Product# HBZ8600
Our Price: $259.99
Delta Ray RTF with SAFE Technology
Delta Ray RTF with SAFE Technology
Product# HBZ7900
Our Price: $164.99
Duet RTF
Everything you need to get flying is included in the box.
Product# HBZ5300
Our Price: $59.99
F4U Corsair S RTF with SAFE® Technology
Everything you need to fly RC today
Product# HBZ8200
Our Price: $299.99
Mini Apprentice® S RTF with SAFE® Technology
Turn your dream of flight into reality at your own pace behind the sticks of the HobbyZone® Mini Apprentice® S. This intuitive aircraft includes an array of features that make taking to the skies easy in spaces as small as your local park.
Product# HBZ3100
Our Price: $229.99
Nano QX FPV RTF: SAFE® Technology (RNR)
Perfect first Quad
Product# BLH7200
Our Price: $419.99
Pico QX RTF with SAFE Technology (RNR)
Pico QX RTF with SAFE Technology
Product# BLH8200
Our Price: $49.99
Sensei FS EP Trainer w/WISE Gyro RTF
with WISE Flight Stabilization System
Product# FLZA3030
Our Price: $299.97
Sport Cub S RTF with SAFE Tech (RNR)
Learn At Your Own Pace
Product# HBZ4400
Our Price: $129.99
Sportsman S+ RTF with SAFE® Technology
Instant flight recovery with Panic Recovery mode
Product# HBZ8400
Our Price: $349.99
Stratocam RTF
Stratocam RTF
Product# HBZ8500
Our Price: $199.99
Switch 2-in-1 Sport Trainer RTF
Flyzone Switch Trainer
Product# FLZA3300
Our Price: $279.99
TX Juice Pocket Drone RTF (RNR)
Small Enough to Fit In Your Pocket
Product# TXJ1022
Our Price: $49.99
Micro Stik RTF (RNR)
eRC's Micro Stik flies mild or wild, indoors or out
Product# ERC1000
Our Price: $79.99
Night Vapor RTF Micro RC Plane (RNR)
Flying SLOW is so much FUN, indoors, outdoors, and at night
Product# PKZU1100
Our Price: $129.99
Champ RTF Ultra-Micro (RNR)
The Champ takes the stress out of teaching yourself to fly
Product# HBZ4900
Our Price: $99.99