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Great scale looks - variable pitch
Ground adjustable variable pitch prop for scale airplanes. Choose the size (9-1/2" or 10-7/8" diameter) that is appropriate for your airplane. Each prop has a pitch range from 5" to 15". In it stock form, a pitch of 10" is automatically set without the need of a pitch gauge. To set other pitches, each prop includes a wooden pitch gauge. A tab must be removed from the base of each prop blade to change the pitch to a setting other than 10". Each prop set includes the pre-painted set of blades, a set of decals for you to install, a scale chrome-plated plastic hub and spinner (the 2-blade prop does not have a spinner - it's hub represents an early scale version of a constant-speed prop), and prop retention screws. All that is required is the purchase of a prop adapter for your application. Adapters for 3, 3.2, 4, and 5mm are available separately. 

Scale Adjustable Pitch Props are ground-adjustable variable pitch props that come in 2, 3, 4, and 5-blade configurations.
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Scale 3-Blade 11 X 10 Variable Pitch Prop
Leaves warehouse in 1-3 Business Days
Product# SMP31110
Retail: $29.89
Our Price: $22.99
5 Blade Hub Only
Leaves warehouse in 1-3 Business Days
Product# SMPH510
Retail: $12.99
Our Price: $9.99