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Telemasters are an icon. They are used for training, UAVs, aerial photography, and just plain fun. Nothing flies like a Telemaster.
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Mini Telemaster 4 Kit with Aileron Wing
More fun to build and even more fun to fly!
Product# TEL1250
Our Price: $99.99

40 Size Telemasters
Telemaster 40 Kit V2
A big leap forward in Telemaster 40 kits
Product# TEL1450
Retail: $199.99
Our Price: $149.99
Deluxe Telemaster 40 Kit
All laser cut Deluxe kit for a great building experience and perfect results
Product# TEL1400
Retail: $249.99
Our Price: $199.99
6 Foot Telemaster Electro ARF V2 (OVERSIZE)
A classic that will quickly become your favorite plane
Product# HLA109
Retail: $249.99
Our Price: $229.99

Micro & Mini Telemasters
Micro-Telemaster Kit V2
A quick and easy to build all laser cut precision kit---perfect for the novice builder as well as the experienced modeler
Product# TEL1100
Our Price: $49.99
Mini Telemaster Kit V2
Fun to build and great fun to fly---a great first kit
Product# TEL1200
Our Price: $89.99
Aileron Wing Kit for Mini Telemaster, Laser Cut
So you want to do aerobatics with your Mini Tele---here you go
Product# TEL12003
Retail: 59.99
Our Price: $49.99

60 Size Telemasters
Senior Telemaster Laser Cut Kit
Senior Telemaster Kit V2 - Laser cut perfection
Product# TEL1600
Our Price: $249.99
Senior Telemaster Plus (OVERSIZE)
New Design, More Features, Same Telemaster Style
Product# HLA008
Our Price: $379.99

Giant Telemasters

12 ft. Telemaster Laser Cut Kit
A Revolution in Kit Building
Product# TEL1800
Our Price: $899.99
12 Foot Telemaster ARF w/Drop Box (OVERSIZE)
HUGE, Ready-Built version of the 12 Foot Telemaster
Product# HLI212
Retail: $1499.99
Our Price: $1,129.99

Telemaster Accessories

Telemaster Float Kit
Float kit for Telemaster 40 or Senior Telemaster
Product# TEL1425
Retail: $149.99
Our Price: $99.00
Plans and Ribs for Scratch Built Telemaster 40
Plans and Ribs for Scratch Built Telemaster 40
Product# TEL1499
Our Price: $49.99
Wing Kit for Deluxe Telemaster 40 Kit Laser Cut
All laser cut replacement wing kit for Telemaster Deluxe
Product# TEL14003
Our Price: $99.00