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Your Service

Just wanted to say that I received exceptional service. David went above and beyond to inform me of my order that I couldn't track. (tracking numbers) It is great to know that you can actually speak to a person and not a machine. He tracked my order down in less than 15 minutes and called me back to inform me of the details. I can't say enough to all that were involved with this order. Excellent transaction from start of order to my door step. Thank you very much for the fast shipping. You people deserve an AAAA+++++ and more!!!! Will definitlely be ordering from you again.

Vaughn S.


The New Telemasters

HL Team,

I just wanted to say thanks a million for the new Funster and Sr Telemaster ARFs. I've been a fan of these great designs for decades, and the Sr. Telemaster was the plane I bought to ease myself back into the hobby last year. The Sr. draws a crowd every time I take it to our field here in northern Illinois.

The improvements (and investments) you've made are much appreciated, and show how you value your loyal fans. I wish you great success in the coming years, and I'll be placing my orders as soon as you show these new planes in stock.

All the best,
Jack H.


Micro Stik and Customer Service

Your support has been outstanding. Thank you ! We are going to have a hangar day where we are going to fix and repair the planes that have experienced some damage. We will also be fixing the ones with defects. Rick and I will be doing the work along with my 13 year old son. We have enjoyed the planes. My son and I have had some needed quality time together working on the planes. The extra parts will be a great help. We have kind of engineered some of our own fixes, you know with tooth picks, epoxy and stuff. We do not expect to use all of the boards. We are trying to also teach ethical values to the kids, we have some kids that think their planes should be fixed for free even if they caused the damage.

When we first decided to go with the Micro Stick, Rick divided the kids into squadrons. We also setup his simulator and mine for the kids to practice. They had to successfully complete three levels of flight training before they were able to fly their planes. Almost all did that on their lunch hours. Those who did not finish their training and still flew are learning some valuable life lessons.

We are going to get permission slips from the parents of the kids in the club, so we can send you pictures and allow you to post them on your site. Thank you so much for your support it has been alot of fun. I will be trying to put together another order for some other schools. We have a few that have heard about our endeavor and are watching our progress. Your support has been awesome. They see that, and like that. The Micro Stick is a great concept and is working well for us. My kids have been telling me to leave their planes alone and go fly my big ones. It is fun to see them join me in my hobby.

Bobby and Robert have helped alot. Thanks guys!!

Thanks Again,
Marty B.


400 Class J-3 Cub EPO Foam ARF

Just got around to assembling the Art-Tech J-3 ARTF(Product#: AT21282). That is a very impressive model: pretty much all that is required is the eight screws and the included epoxy and the model is done. Horizontal stab aligns perfectly and the CF struts fit without issue into their sockets. The dihedral is self-setting with the included glass spar. And the offset on the seam of the wing makes for a much stronger joint. I had some confusion about which way the extension cable from the receiver to the Y plate had to be connected, but that was surely more my problem than the instructions. About the only issue I can bring is the pilot – not that he is a fighter pilot with a "mae-west" and mask, nope, just that a Cub is always soloed from the rear seat.

Thanks for bringing in a great model.
John H.


Customer Service - Returns

HL: "I was just contacting you in regards to a Powerwing battery and charger that was returned to us and I was just wondering if they were defective or if you just didn’t need them anymore and what you would like us to do with them. I.E. issue a credit for them, warranty issue ect. Thank you."

Brian: "Hey David, I tried to call to explain. Did I forget to put the return merchandise form in the box? If so I am terribly sorry. One of your sales people helped me purchase the replacement battery for my heli, unfortunately it was tooo long for the battery holder. On the charger, I just screwed up and ordered something I didn't really need. Neither are defective as far as I know since I didn't use either of them. Just wanted to credit the credit card I used to purchase them.
Thanks and sorry about the confusion."

HL: "I will go ahead and tell the person who handles our returns to get the credit issued back to your card asap. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with in the meantime."

Brian: "Thanks David, You guys have been great with all my orders. Probably the best online business I deal with."


A Note to Say Thank You

So often we forget to say thank you, so I wanted to do so by telling you how great it was to replace the warped wing on my 1/8 scale Waco and see it come out perfectly. I can't thank you enough for your promp and generous service.

Yesterday I visited the Wedell-Williams Aviation Museum in Patterson, LA and laid hands on the #44 Wedell Racer, so this morning I had to order your Wedell-Williams racer. It's on backorder so I can't wait to receiver it, put it together, and photograph it next to real thing.

Keep up the good work, Hobby Express.

Justin S.


Customer Service

Your telcon order and customer service people are a pleasure to deal with and have been helpful pleasant and truly interested in assisting the customer!!!! That means more to me than low ball prices or fancy websites/catalogs

Ken S.


Things are getting better

Keep up the Great work and sales will grow. I know its been a trying 2009 with the new computer software system, new owner WELCOME and the fact that it takes forever to get stock back from China...But it is all getting better and that is a good thing.

J. Uhlrick


Technical Support

I always tend to complain about poor support when I receive it from an RC vendor such as yourselves.

I fly a great deal (apporximately 2 hours a day, six days a week) and thus use a lot of equipment and supplies from many different vendors.

I would like to tell you that my recent dealing with Jay Burkhart in your technical support group was not only very professionalbut actuallya pleasure. Jay handled my problems very promptly and because of him we(myself and our other fliers here in Arizona will be doing more business with you in the future). Jay is truly an asset to you and I hope you reconize him as such!!!




Thanks for your products and service

I want to thank you for offering great products with an equally impressive crew of staff. My introduction to RC airplanes was only several months and I'm truly excited to have found this hobby and more specifically your online superstore.

After a few weeks of practice on a flight simulator, I have been enthusiastically and proficiently flying several intermediate airplanes purchased from Hobby Express.

I do most of my ordering through your website but the fact that I can call Hobby Express and consistently get your staff on the phone quickly is really something unique and refreshing in today's internet marketplace. Not only is your staff readily available but each of them are genuinely interested in helping answer questions, offering advice, etc.

I have no doubt this customer service and wide selection of well engineered aircraft will keep me a Hobby Express customer for life! Thanks for your hard work and dedication.


Joshua W.


Thank you for your help, information, and customer service

Just a note to thank you for the help, and information, concerning my new plane. I have done business with some other less reputable companies and want you to know how much I appreciate being able to talk with customer service without being put on hold for several weeks. Your representative listened and offered advice without hesitation and solved my problem in several minutes. I will recommend you to my flying friends and continue to do business in the future. Thanks again.

Mark L.


Outstanding customer support experience

I would like to compliment your company and specifically your customer support representative David on the outstanding customer support experience I just had. I ordered a part from your company which turned out to be back ordered. David helped me identify a comparable part which was in stock and switched my order so it could be shippped right away. I had a non-conventional use for the parts I was ordering and David even went the extra step of pulling one of the parts out and measuring the length of the shaft I had a question about. His support was promt, friendly, and was done in just a couple of minutes. Thanks to you and David for a great buying experience.

Brian C.


Thank you for your service

I'm deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. I ordered a Wing Dragon HL from you only 10 days ago and I already received and have flown it. When I'm not on a combat patrol, being able to escape to my hobby is a really good way to feel like I'm at home. Thank you for the great and prompt service. I fully intend to continue shopping with you as my hobby progresses. Thanks again.

John R.



Excellent news! All the new features are sure to make buying from H-L even better than it already is!! Best of luck!

EDIT: WOW! Jay I don't know what you did to your parts department but I am impressed. I will be checking your site first for heli parts I need. I just checked on parts for a wrecked E-Sky Belt CP recently acquired and I am very pleased to say you have everything I need and at good (better than before) pricing. Again, H-L ROCKS! Great job, two paws up!

Mike N.


Pleasant first experience

Folks, thanks a great deal for the promptness and accuracy of my recent order. My first experience with your business has been a pleasant one and I sincerely hope to continue. Mighty nice to get good service from merchants these days. Thanks again, will relay the info to our club (Fountain City Flyers, Prattville, AL ).


Great customer support

I could not be more satisfied with the customer support I have received from your team! When I call Customer Service about a unique requirement for one of the many airplanes you sell, I ALWAYS get someone who has flown that model; every call is like talking with (smart) friends at the flying field!

Scott P.


Top Notch

I just wanted to say you guys are the BEST. Thank you so much for your help and support. You are now my number 1 Hobby online store. I am amazed at the support here. I just wanted to let you know how I felt and I will highly recommend friends and fellow flyers in the forums to shop here. GREAT JOB!



Thanks from the military

Hey, I just wanted to send a note expressing my appreciation for the fact that Hobby Express ships free to the armed forces overseas. Since being stationed overseas I've started my RC hobby and your company is the first that I've come across that extends this gratitude to the military. It is truly appreciated.

Jason G.


Love my Lama

I ordered the Co-Co Lama from your online store and this thing is a blast! I love flying it. Thank you so much for giving me a good quality product and making it affordable for me to get into RC Heli's. I feel like I got more than my money's worth. You will always have my business and I will tell all my friends.

Cliff C.


Typhoon Helicopter

Thank you so much for the customer service and tech support. I have only had time for 2 flights and the Typhoon is a great flying heli. I have flown R/C for 25 years, however I only buy where I get service. Hobby Express is #1 service!

Greg O.


Great Service

I just wanted to say thank you for being a great company to deal with. I have been a customer of yours for almost 4 years and have had nothing but great experiences. Your Alfa warbirds/jets are amazing and are contagious in our giant scale club!

Marshall G.


Great Company

Hobby Express has its act together: good products, good communications, and good employees.

Jim T.


Great Service

I know that it is often difficult to guarantee that every order, especially like mine where there are many parts with some back ordered, gets completed, but what really makes a difference when these problems arise is Hobby Express customer support. Every time I called, there was always a human who picked up, and every time I emailed, there is always a reply the following day. That's customer service! Even if there are problems with the order, to come through with 100% support, which is just a call or email away, is what really gets remembered from a purchase. It's one thing to say "We value you as a customer" but to actually say it and then back it up is another, and this is what you guys have done. You have earned a life-long customer and I will always look to you guys for what I need before going anywhere else because I know I'm going to get the best customer service out there, and that means a lot especially in a hobby like this where you have to rely on internet purchases to get what you need.

Quinton M.


Executive Jet

I've been building model planes for over half a century, from hand launch gliders to the Executive Jet (see the photo enclosed). The Executive Jet was so impressive, my wife let me build it on the dining room table, and when we fly at TRAC field in Tampa, I get a round of applause from the crowd.

Out of all the model airplane suppliers, Hobby Express is the best in advising me on facts about the product, experience you've had with customers, and good prices you offer.

On my last order for an experimental aircraft, you made good decisions on the type of motors and fan jet equipment to use. This is what customers want from their suppliers and that's why it's always a pleasure doing business with you.

Ron R.


Great Customer Service

This is just a note to let you know that Rachel is an OUTSTANDING, pleasant and helpful Customer Service representative. She took extra steps to resolve my problem and got my order shipped out the same day. You are very lucky to have such a superb employee in exactly the correct position in your organization.

Bill W.