The foundation of being a successful RC modeler requires having the right tools for the job. Hobby Lobby stocks a wide variety of the best tools choosen specifically with the modeler in mind. Let us help you build your modeling work bench.
Dubro makes the finest accessories in the business. Everything from tools to hardware to wheels, if Dubro doesn't make it, you don't need it.
Epoxy, CA (Cyanoacrylate), foam-safe, wood, canopy, and other glues and adhesives. Glues from Hobby Express's own brand, Beli, Devcon, Zap, UHU, Pattex, and Titebond for any application.
Brass Tubing and Music Wire in metric and standard diameters. Tubing is useful for bushings. Music wire is useful for axles, pushrods, landing gear, etc.
Covering Materials for your RC airplane. Iron-on heat-shrink covering film and fabric for scale, sport, 3D, aerobatic, or giant scale aircraft.
Hand tools, drills, balsa planers and strippers, modeling pins, hobby knives, soldering irons, and other instruments to make R/C modeling easier.
Model airplane Hardware. Metric hardware, pushrods, control horns, clevises, hinges, turnbuckles, and more. Available in small packs or in bulk.
Miscellaneous R/C products for your model airplans. Rubber bands to attach wings, hinge tape for control surfaces, gap tape for sailplanes, and more.