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Hand tools, drills, balsa planers and strippers, modeling pins, hobby knives, soldering irons, and other instruments to make R/C modeling easier.
Dubro's unique tools are just what every modeler needs.
Dubro: World's Finest Model Products - Full Stock Available at Hobby Lobby
Tools, everyone needs them and we've got some of the hard to find specialty tools designed just for our hobby.
It's a modeler's best friend. The pilot's right-hand-man. We've got hobby knives, knife & saw tool sets, and spare blades to boot.
Modelers' Clamps are the handiest tool to have when assembling a fuselage. Assemble your glue joint, clamp it and let it dry.
Super sharp surgical steel modeling pins - when a modeler makes them, you get modeling pins instead of dressmaking pins.
Soldering irons for hobby use. Helpful to attach connectors and wire.
Digital LCD Voltage Indicators, Ecalc Software, balsa planers & strippers, pliers, canopy scissors, prop balancers, and more.