* Featured Videos *

This is the next best thing to inviting you out to the flying field. These videos are often the maiden flights of these Hobby Lobby products, and we are proud to share these moments with you. So sit back and enjoy this behind the scenes look at the latest and greatest we have to offer!

Instructional Videos

All modesty aside... We are R/C experts. It's in our blood. That's right, we bleed foam safe glue. It's a fact. But what good is this wealth of knowledge if we don't share it with you? Do you really think you know how to solder? Do you?? Watch our "Learn to Solder" video and you might think twice. Keep watching and you will learn how to correctly launch your EPO jet, how to weather your warbird, how to replace your retract servos, and much more!

Hobby Lobby R/C Airplane Videos

Hobby Lobby carries some of best R/C Aircraft in the industry. We always stand behind our products, quite literally as we spend many hours behind the sticks ourselves before passing the transmitter to our customers. Our passion for the hobby and attention to detail is evident in our flying videos. Watch the maiden flights of the Kyosho Spifire and BF-109, or step into the cockpit with the help of the FlyCamOne onboard camera technology. We hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

Hobby Lobby R/C Helicopter Videos

Are you ready to take a dive into the world of RC Helicopters? We've got your helis right here... No matter what your flavor - Co-Axial, Collective Pitch, Beginner, 3D, we have what you need to get hovering in no time!

Check out Hobby Lobby's YouTube channel for more great videos!